The Space Revolution

By Snorg Fulthrap, 07/12/2017

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1. Introduction

Slide 1. SK-2 Fighter escapes plasma eruption

Early in the twenty-first century in the year 2005 space travel was revolutionised by the invention of the phased magnetic induction (PMI) drive system. This drive mimics the processes that take place on the surface of our Sun. Discovered in 1997 the "magnetic carpet" effect, concentrations of magnetic field which superheat the Sun's outer atmosphere, are also responsible for producing the enormous energy output required for PMI drives.

Finally intergalactic space travel was a reality.

2. Spacecraft

Today the foremost spacecraft manufacturer is Oberon Technologies. It was from their gigantic orbiting factory that the SK range of vessels emerged. These cover a wide range of uses, including cargo transport, passenger vessels, science platforms and military applications.

Slide 2. SK-5 cargo vessel with fighter escort

3. Science Missions
In 2007 Nasa launched the Oort Cloud Prospector (OCP) mission in order to study the Oort comet cloud and investigate the possible mineral content.

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